Secure The Border

I have fought on the frontlines against the unmitigated disaster on the Southern Border created by Joe Biden and the Democrats. Americans, especially citizens in border states like Arizona, have been betrayed by weak leadership in Washington. Millions of illegal immigrants, including members of the terror watch list, have poured across unchecked while the federal government refuses to act. I understand better than anyone that border security is national security. Under President Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkas, every state has become a border state. In the U.S. Senate, I will make securing the border my top priority.

Specifically, America must regain operational control of the Southern Border and enforce our immigration laws. We need to return to Trump-era policies, finish the Wall, and reinstate “Remain in Mexico”.

Allowing unrestricted illegal immigration is unfair to legal immigrants who played by the rules and waited in line. America needs a return to sanity with a merit-based immigration system that upholds the rule of law. It is a false choice that we cannot simultaneously be a nation of laws and a generous, welcoming nation.

Combat the Cartels and Fentanyl Poisoning

Fentanyl is the leading cause of death for American adults and is flowing right across the Southern Border, smuggled in by the cartels. Simply put, fentanyl is poisoning an entire generation of Americans, our children in particular, who are often targeted for recruitment by the criminal cartels.

Decisive action is needed to eliminate the cartels and save lives. We must declare the cartels as terrorist organizations and destroy them just like we did to ISIS. I am ready to take that action as Arizona’s next Senator.

Unleash The American Economy

Under the disastrous leadership of Biden, Democrats have driven our once booming economy off the cliff. American families are suffering as a result. Inflation is out of control and the federal government continues to spend money that we don’t have. I will fight to restore fiscal responsibility and fiscal sanity in Washington.

To fully unleash the American economy, we must reclaim our Energy Independence that Biden destroyed. This will require bringing manufacturing back from overseas and creating jobs right here in America. I will always fight for the American worker and the middle-class.

Defend Life

Rooted in my abiding faith, I will always stand up for and defend the sanctity of life. I believe that being a voice for the voiceless is a pillar of compassion and conservatism.

Quality Education

A quality education is the gateway to the American Dream. America’s next generation deserves the highest possible standard of education that will serve as the catalyst to maximizing their potential.

I will always put students, parents, and families first and never stand idly by while parents are silenced while woke ideologies run rampant and indoctrinate our youth.

Protect Our Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment is a God-given right. The right that protects all other rights.

I have always been a fearless defender of the Second Amendment in Arizona and will never waver in my defense of the Constitution.

With Joe Biden and the Democrats determined to strip our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, this fight is more important than ever and one that I will continue in the U.S. Senate.

Back The Blue

As a member of law enforcement myself, I know firsthand the need to support our brave men and women who stand on the frontlines defending our communities. In the U.S. Senate, I will continue this fight for Law and Order.

Democrats have abandoned and undermined our police officers, unleashing a rampant, nationwide crime wave. Whether it’s calls to defund the police, eliminate cash bail, or woke D.A.s refusing to lock up violent felons, leftist policies are emboldening criminals and leaving law-abiding Americans to suffer. The woke crusade against our police must end.

China and National Security

The United States must forcefully stand up to the Chinese Communist Party as they seek to supplant us as the top global superpower. Chinese aggression has gone unchecked by Biden and the weak-kneed Democrats. China is a totalitarian state that covered up the virus’ origins. China manufactures the same fentanyl that is smuggled over the Southern Border.

The Chinese Communist Party terrorizes their own people, controls every aspect of their lives, stifles any dissent, and even holds the Uyghurs in concentration camps, nothing less than a genocide. Our political establishment as well as Western media are silent, refusing to hold China accountable for any of these atrocities. This is in large part tied to our economic dependence on China. If we fail to decouple our economy from theirs, we will never meaningfully confront the singular force of evil that is the CCP. The world needs the United States to rise to the occasion and be the force of good that we have been for generations. It is time for America to meet this historical moment.

Support Our Veterans

American Veterans represent the very best of our nation. We will never be able to fully repay the debt owed to these brave men and women. Properly supporting our military means supporting military families. I will be a voracious advocate for veterans and their families in the U.S. Senate.

I will also always stand up and support America’s warriors after their service to our great nation. This requires providing resources veterans need to successfully transition back to civilian life with high-quality jobs, education, and medical care.

Election Reform

Our Republic is dependent on fair elections. It must be easy to vote but impossible to cheat.

Americans deserve transparency into their elections. The current legal review into Arizona’s elections is appropriate. As a U.S. Senator, I will fight for commonsense policies that protect our elections such as staunch Voter ID laws.